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InstaFxmy education project is glad to offer all wishing to have a trading course on Forex currency market. Education courses cover a wide range of subjects developed for various professional levels of listeners. Every lesson aside from theoretical component includes practice required for solidifying the obtained knowledge. Due to modern education techniques which take into account individual peculiarities of each participant - our seminars are maximally effective. During the education you can familiarize yourself with Forex trading guru from Malaysia and China who will be also invited for lectureship. Knowledge and practical skills acquired at the seminars will come as a great launching point for successful work on Forex.

You have an opportunity to get wise to the seminar subjects of each course, their timetable and choose anything you want in the course sections. In addition, you can select the most suitable office for your visit in one of Malaysia's regions (presently, the company's branch in Nigeri Sembelan is available for providing education).

Below there is a list of education courses for different professional qualification levels and representative offices in regions where you can choose the most comfortable variant for you.

Foundation level
Intermediate level
Advanced level

Foundation level

Foundation level is basically targeted on newbies of currency trading. Studying of foundation will give you knowledge which you will use in further levels of education and in Forex trading. This course will help you to learn the main ideas and terms of international foreign exchange market Forex. On the lessons you will discover what trading account is and types and systems of strategies. This course is foundation of further studying of Forex trading.

Intermediate level

Intermediate is a level between the foundation and advanced levels. Knowledge of intermediate level will help you to trade consciously. Within intermediate level we teach usage of wide range of analytical instruments, development of trading system and risk management. We will discover for you different indicators, Forex strategies, figures being formed on charts and their interpretation. Knowledge of intermediate level is necessary for your further work at Forex, it will help you to determine and analyze current trends on international currency market Forex, make your predictions and act according to the conclusions.

Advanced level

We do not guarantee that studied advanced course you will 100% get profit from trading at international currency exchange market Forex, however, investigation of this level is very important stage of trader education. This level will give you cognition of wave analysis at professional level of trading. You will also learn how to develop the technology of daily work on Forex correctly. Every trader who strives for trading and earning at international currency exchange market Forex should have such technique.


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